Preventive and corrective maintenance is offered exclusively for SIEMENS MRI systems. Preventive maintenance usually is to be carried out in three months intervals and is performed in accordance to the specifications of the manufacturer of the MRI system. The appointed days of preventive maintenance usually are fixed at the beginning of each year over a time frame of 12 months.
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We offer a quick, professional, and safe installation of all modalities of imaging equipment: MRI installation, CT scanner installation, PET/CT installation, Nuclear Medicine installation, Linear Accelerator installation, Radiographic/ Fluoroscopic installation, Mobile MRI installation, Mobile CT installation, Mobile Cath Lab installation, Mobile Nuc Med installation, and Mobile PET/CT installation.
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Whether you need a system to be transported locally or worldwide, our logistics service will help you save both time and money. Our experienced freight forwarding personnel organizes worldwide shipping overland, by air, by sea and by courier, always focusing on the most optimal freight solution for the client involved.
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