RF Room
This modular frame construction is wrapped with electroplated copper which can conform to any design criteria. The engineered and bolted system enhances RF integrity with wide 4.4 cm (1 3/4″) seams that are highly compressed, offering a seamless shield surface. Interior fasteners do not have to penetrate the shield surface by design, which enhances the long term life of the shield. Read more about RF Room.

When improving, planning or replacing a new Siemens MRI or GE scan system, SolveMedical has MRI chiller cooling solutions vacant for GE and Siemens. We have MRI solutions intended for challenging scanning environments. If in need of production, or installation services, SolveMedical helps to obtain a successful project globally. Read more about chiller

SolveMedical Imaging Parts and Service has Siemens MRI parts in stock! SolveMedical Imaging Parts and Service has parts in stock for Siemens CT Scanners. View the full list under page parts.

SolveMedical can accommodate you when you have a big project revolving the purchase of a great amount of wheelchairs. Fill in the form and tell us what you are looking for. SolveMedical is in the business of delivering whatever medical appliances the customer needs. Read more about wheelchairs.