Medical MRI chiller

When improving, planning or replacing a new Siemens MRI or GE scan system, SolveMedical has MRI chiller cooling solutions vacant for GE and Siemens. We have MRI solutions intended for challenging scanning environments. If in need of production, or installation services, SolveMedical helps to obtain a successful project globally.

An MRI machine has a round shape. There is a small entrance in the center of the MRI where the patient slips into. The outside of an MRI is like a huge magnet. Our bodies have billions of cells and each cell has a different density and structure. When entering a magnetic field such as an MRI machine each cell has a different reaction. By using sophisticated software, an MRI can differentiate each cell on a molecular level and map each organ into digital imaging. Once the image is captured the MRI now has the ability to spin and piece a segment of the illustration in a diversity of ways.

The capability and efficiency of any MRI lies in the performance of the magnet on the outside ring. For maximum function the magnets must be cooled to to -200 to -600c. liquid helium is used as a cooling agent. To keep the liquid cooling system a water cooled grade compressor has to be used. SolveMedical’s chiller systems provide the best efficiency.
There are two types of MRI Chillers: Water-Cooled Chillers and Air-cooled chillers.

What is the difference between these two?

the difference is in how the chillers cooling system purges the heat it retracted from the water process loop. With an air-cooled chiller the heat is discarded to the air. For a water cooled chiller, heat is discarded to another water source.

Why purchase a water cooled chiller?

A water cooled chiller is the best choice if you already have a water source such as a cooling tower or plant chilled water system. You must make sure the existing water system has enough store power to examine the extra head the chiller puts in to the system.

Why purchase an air cooled chiller?

When there is no ready water source an air cooled chiller is the best solution. This chiller is a bit pricier, but you won’t have to buy any additional machines.